Camillo Pledges Environmentally Friendly Campaign

From Fred Camillo:

One of the issues that comes up each day, each special event, and each election is the proliferation of lawn signs on public property.

With all the frustration surrounding the signs and the environmental impact they have as they are produced and discarded, as well as the eyesore they create, I am committed to not installing any of my signs on public property. Rather, I will focus on the citizens of our town who wish to show support by displaying our sign on their own private property. During my time in office, I’ve worked hard to make Greenwich a leader on environmental issues, and cutting down on the landfill waste these signs create is in keeping with our progress toward that goal.

This is a reasonable solution to the ever-escalating situation and shows the true support of a candidate.

Furthermore, I call upon my opponent to join me in this effort to de-escalate in favor of a more environmentally and aesthetically favorable way.

Fred Camillo

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