Letter: Himes is helping our economy recover

To the Editor,

Although COVID -19 infection rates are declining, our economy is in critical condition. The inflation rate is at a 40-year high. Economists are categorizing our economy in a state of recession, bringing more worry to an already downward trajectory. As prices rise, we feel the strain.

Congressman Jim Himes was quick to help relieve economic pressure from CT residents.By voting for the Inflation Reduction Act, Congressman Himes is endorsing a creative solution that does more than just lower energy and healthcare costs for economic recovery. The Inflation Reduction Act also promises to build a clean energy economy, create more jobs to support clean energy projects, and crack down on corporate giants. This is transformative for CT.

Rep. Himes echoes the priorities of the Inflation Reduction Act in his past actions, illustrating his steadfast support for our interests. He understands that the government must aid in lowering prices. Amidst rising prescription drug costs due to the pandemic, he voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan of 2021 which aimed to make healthcare more affordable. Creating more jobs also draws his concern. From 2021- 2022, Rep. Himes helped pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that not only created well-paying union jobs but also kept the climate in mind. Rep. Himes supported numerous other innovative ways to improve our environment. In 2019, he even put forth his own National Green Bank Act to fund climate change projects.

Time and time again, Himes proves his commitment to the well-being of all CT families. Our economy is fragile. Himes sponsors innovative solutions to strengthen it.

On November 8th, please join me in casting your vote for Jim Himes.

Sarina Kulsakdinun

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