GCOG holds Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony

The Garden Club of Old Greenwich held its annual meeting and awards ceremony at the Riverside Yacht Club on Friday, June 10. The event featured a horticulture competition, annual meeting, and an elegant tea and award presentation.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for members to celebrate all the accomplishments of the Garden Club this year including the decorating and maintenance of the gardens in Old Greenwich Village, the Gateway Garden and the Butterfly Garden at Greenwich Point, beautification of the Old Greenwich Train Station, decorating the village for First Light and the holiday season, community outreach programs at Hill House and Pathways, design and horticulture workshops and lectures, a garden project at the Old Greenwich Elementary school with the Girl Scouts, planting trees for Arbor day and a joint sponsored lecture series with the Perrot Library.

Congratulations to all the award winners for their hard work, great skills and dedication to gardening, the environment and to the beautification of our town.  

2022 Garden Club of Old Greenwich Award Winners

The Carter Trophy, 1963- – Helen DeLago – for the greatest number of points in the horticulture competition.

The Dogwood Horticultural Award, 2019 – Susan Wynne – for the second highest number of points in horticulture competition for the year.

The Barbara Bainbridge Trophy, 1966 – Betsie Harkins – for outstanding work in horticulture

The Evelyn E. Marshburn Trophy, 1964  – Louise Weber – for the greatest number of flower design competition points.

The Harriet Benner Design Award,  2002 – Wendy MacDonald – for the second highest number of points in floral design.

The Jane Sargent Trophy, 1969 – Wendy Yu – for her garden related skills in perpetuating the aims and purpose for which the Garden Club was founded.

The Bradford N. Clark Award, 1974 – Linnea Stenberg – for work in civic and community betterment.

 The Harriet Benner Volunteer Award, 1978 – Kelly Forsberg for outstanding volunteer service to the Garden Club and other outside volunteer organizations.

The Adelaide Radford Award, 1964 – Diane Fox  – for youth activities and achievement in horticulture.

The Robert Soule Kieffer Memorial Trophy, 1980 Sheila Goggin and Joann Lambos – for members with not more than three years standing for a significant contribution to the Garden Club.

The Nicole Standish Award, 2011 Ellie Bowman and Mary Bishop – for outstanding service to the Garden Club.

The Council of Presidents Award, 2013 – Karin Nye – for dedication in furthering the purposes of the Garden Club.

The Louise Weber Bowl, 2021- Barbara Freeman – for introducing a new project that benefits the Garden Club’s programs, management or role in the community.

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