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Whitby School Awards 2022 Trustees Merit Scholarship

Whitby announced that the 2022 Trustees Merit Scholarship has been awarded to Lawrence Wen. Lawrence was selected among a pool of applicants that differentiated themselves as academically strong students and exceptional leaders with a track record of involvement in extra-curricular activities.

“We are very excited to welcome Lawrence into Whitby’s 5th-grade program for the 2022-2023 school year,” says Dr. Jack Creeden, Whitby Head of School. “He comes to us with a solid academic record and a passion for mathematics. He exemplifies many IB traits, such as empathy towards classmates and a willingness to take risks. He also possesses a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys being on stage, which he can continue pursuing in Whitby’s Middle School Performing Arts program.”

Lawrence is currently a 4th-grade student at Davenport Ridge Elementary School in Stamford. While touring Whitby, he commented, “I couldn’t help but notice the technology that is available in all the classrooms. The Middle School science lab, in particular, had some cool equipment. I can’t wait for those classes to begin so I can learn more about using everything.”

The Whitby Trustees Merit Scholarship will continue to provide academically strong students the opportunity to become part of the Whitby Middle School program based on International Baccalaureate principles. More information about the 2023-2024 program is available at www.whitbyschool.org/scholarship.

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