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Dita Bhargava announces campaign for CT State Treasurer

Dita Bhargava released the following statement this morning:

“I’m excited to announce today that I’ve decided to run for the Democratic nomination for State Treasurer. In the few days since Treasurer Shawn Wooden announced that he would not be seeking reelection, I have received dozens of calls and emails from people urging me to get into the race.

These are volatile times that require significant and complex investment decisions. Now more than ever, Connecticut needs a Treasurer who has the background and experience necessary to run the office and maximize its impact. We need a Treasurer who understands finances, understands the social governance impact that office can have on corporate America, and will represent the highest standards of public service. I’ve spent 25 years working in finance on Wall Street and the past ten years working to help hold corporate America to a higher standard on issues that impact Connecticut residents in their everyday lives.

I want to thank Treasurer Wooden for improving the state’s credit rating and judiciously divesting from gun manufacturing and Russian-owned assets. I believe that there is further progress to be made, though. We can do more to improve the lives of pensioners, workers, and residents, the fiscal health of our state, and the environmental and social impact of our state through its investments.

I plan on dedicating the next few weeks and months to listening to and learning from delegates to the State Convention and, after that, voters across the state. As Abraham Lincoln once noted, “Elections belong to the people.” So I plan to be the most accessible candidate in this race to every person – every delegate, every town and city, every legislative and municipal leader, and every resident in our state.”


Dita Bhargava is chief operating officer of Catalan Investments, a private startup quantitative investment firm in Stamford, Connecticut. Dita has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. She began her career at Citibank as a currency trader, later moving into a proprietary trading role at Credit Suisse First Boston and then a managing director and trading role in the fixed income department at Bear Stearns. Dita then spent several years as a macro portfolio manager for Citadel and Millennium Partners before she was hired by Royal Bank of Scotland in Stamford to help expand its foreign exchange footprint in the United States. Dita received a B.A. in electrical engineering from McMaster University in Canada.

Dita is an active leader in civic engagement and philanthropic efforts. Dita lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with her husband and two children.

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