Welcome back!

Greenwich repopulated itself this past week, with friends and neighbors returning from the August vacations. Judging from the pictures we have seen on social media; people have taken the opportunity to travel across the country. From what we can see, islands and mountains were popular destinations.

We are back, as well from taking our annual two-week summer hiatus. While we did not go anywhere, it was nice to have a less hectic schedule for a bit. We used the time to revamp the paper and our back-office operations. Most exciting, we launched our app. If you download the app and send us a message through it, you will automatically be entered into a contest to win neighbor tickets to this year’s Greenwich Town Party. So far, nearly 300 people have entered.

Speaking of the Greenwich Town Party (GTP), we are a week away and we cannot wait. When COVID caused it to be cancelled last year, and then postponed it this spring it was a blow to our moral. But with it just a week away we are keeping our fingers crossed for an amazing experience.

Ray Dalio, Ray Rivers, Scot Weicker and their entire team are doing an amazing job creating a community experience that is unparalleled. We are certain that this year’s logistics have created tremendous obstacles. From all reports, we understand they have been dealt with professionalism and grace.

We want to send a special shout-out to Ray, Ray and Scot for not giving up on this event in the face of COVID and limited tickets. We are looking forward to Sunday evening when The Eagles take the stage – they will be the “New Kid in Town.” After a day of live music and listening to The Zac Brown Band and Caroline Jones, we are certain we will all have a “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” And then when it is all over the entire GTP can “Take It Easy” after all the work they have done to make the event a success.

Even though the GTP falls on Labor Day, let’s not let that be the end of summer. Let’s let September be a thirty-days long goodbye to summer, to a season that left everyone both happy and weary of the warm humid weather (especially this week) and the exhausting but thrilling vacation adventures. Let’s enjoy all that Greenwich has to offer before the weather turns and we again find ourselves indoors.

There will be no shortage of beautiful days to enjoy Tod’s Point, or Elizabeth’s Neck as it was long ago known. There are more events coming up at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, including Adopt-A-Dog’s “Puttin’ on the Dog” on Sunday, September 26. This is a great family event where you can see all different types of dogs and friendly dog competitions (best kisser?). This year they are honoring First Selectman Fred Camillo.

Many of our non-profits are holding fundraising events this fall. They have been uniquely challenged throughout COVID as they were unable to hold their traditional in-person events. Many improvised and held virtual gatherings, but it still hampered their ability to raise money. We encourage you to look through our calendar of events and find worthy causes to support.

As we begin to get our kids ready for the upcoming school year, and perhaps the uncertainty of what the fall may hold, we should not look back at this past summer with nostalgia, but fondness. There is too much that lays ahead that is exciting. We are reminded of a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.: “Yet in opinions look not always back, Your wake is nothing, mind the coming track; Leave what you’ve done for what you have to do; Don’t be ‘consistent,’ but be simply true.”

See you around town this fall.

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