Support for Kim Fiorello from Skip Auch

Support for Kim Fiorello from Skip Auch
Dear Editor,
I am writing to enthusiastically support the candidacy of Kimberly Fiorello for state representative for Greenwich and Stamford.
Kimberly is a wife and mother. Her personal “story” is very compelling, but what most impresses me is her clear thinking and her principled approach to addressing Connecticut’s issues. For me, her commitment to the State is best exemplified by her effort to successfully start a state-wide non-profit to help rejuvenate the Constitution state based on the fundamentals of liberty and free markets.
She has a deep abiding concern for the people who are finding it necessary to leave our state because burdensome taxation. Of particular interest is her dedication to school choice and tax relief on our social security. She knows that each person, family, and business that leaves are a loss to the fabric of our communities.
Kim’s ideas to keep and attract businesses are based on reducing taxes and regulations (red tape). She will ask questions, speak out, call for accountability and report back to her constituents about what is really happening in our capital.
She is warm, engaging, smart and principled. I very much hope you will join me in sending Kimberly Fiorello to Hartford to represent the interests of the people of Greenwich and Stamford.
Walter E. (Skip) Auch
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