Letter: Support for Ryan Fazio

By Martin Blanco

As a father, neighbor, and public servant, I am deeply concerned about Connecticut’s future. It is the reason I am supporting Ryan Fazio for State Senate and why I urge others to consider supporting him.

In the past, Greenwich has weathered many of the economic challenges the state has entangled itself with by retaining its own political and fiscal character – and a big part of that has been due to historically robust and fiscally responsible representation in the state senate – until recently.

This past term, our message to the rest of the Connecticut state senate has been feeble. Our state senator has focused on telling us what Hartford wants from us: pay more taxes and deal with more regulation. Greenwich needs a senator that will speak for us – and the Connecticut state senate needs a voice that represents our values.

Greenwich is an outstanding community. We need a state senator that will fight for our principles and for the ideals that have helped us rise above the rest. Connecticut will be stronger for it. We need a senator that will not succumb to Hartford’s political culture – it is not what Greenwich is about.

Ryan has the energy, vision, and experience to help turn things around in Hartford. His optimism, his commitment to our neighborhoods and our people, his academic understanding and practical experience with our economy, and the time he has devoted to helping residents in Fairfield County – often choosing to volunteer his time to help others despite an ongoing senate campaign and the demands of his professional work – is what we need in Hartford.

Greenwich can lead by example. We need to turn this state around. We need to convey that to the rest of the state and having the right state senator will make all the difference. I ask you to join me in supporting Ryan for the Connecticut state senate this November.

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