Letter: Meskers E-Mail Provokes Apology Request

To the Editor,

Last month, I wrote a Letter to the Editor in a newspaper about the behavior toward me of a certain legislator, Representative Stephen Meskers, D-Greenwich. This letter prompted the Greenwich Republican Town Committee Chair to call for Mr. Mesker’s resignation. While I would never expect someone like Meskers to resign his position, I feel he needs make a very public apology to me. 

As a 67-year resident and taxpayer of Connecticut and a retired public school teacher, I am extremely worried about the direction in which the state has been going. People and businesses are moving out, taxes rising to support sanctuary cities, huge state pensions, minimum wage, family leave, possible tolls, and not one dollar cut in the budget. So, I made an email list of all the lawmakers and emailed them my concerns about the disastrous path one party was taking.

I sent four emails to the 195 lawmakers on my list about my concerns.  About five responded, and either agreed with what I was saying, or politely disagreed. Mr. Meskers responded to almost all. His last email was very long, sarcastic, and demeaning. Here is what he wrote:

“I am only sorry that I wasn’t one of your students when you taught music in our public schools classes. I can only imagine what it was like to sit trapped in a seat in your class listening to some diatribe or atonal gibberish for 45 minutes or more. They (those poor children) must have all been clamoring to sign up for your courses (or therapy thereafter).”   He continued: “It is my deepest wish after reading all your rants that we meet at the gates with St. Peter and our lives are properly adjudicated. If I was you I would wear shorts and sandals it is gonna be pretty hot where you are inevitably headed.”

This vitriol and more was sent to every lawmaker on the list. This was outrageous and reprehensible. Meskers won by only 264 votes in a city where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 3,300 voters.  He needs to remember that.    

Matthew P. Valenti