GTC Launches Treasured Trees Program

Calling all Greenwich residents: The Greenwich Tree Conservancy (GTC) wants to know if you have a ‘treasured tree’ on your property. GTC is launching the Treasured Tree Program to raise awareness of special trees on private lands in our community, to create respect for unique trees, to encourage forethought for any removal of nameplated trees, and to inspire future nominations.

The characteristics of such a tree would be one or more of the following: it is loved for many reasons; its magnificent size; its age; its pedigree species; its unique shape; its Spring flowers or Fall foliage; its special history; or a special memory or story.

Nomination forms will be available at the GTC website:, as well as a list of frequently asked questions. Three tree expert judges will come to your home to evaluate the nominated tree. The selected tree will have a 5” x 7” nameplate mounted around its base. The winner will also be awarded a framed photograph of the Nameplate Installation Ceremony at a reception in the Fall, and their treasured tree will be enrolled in the GTC’s roster of Treasured Trees.

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