Letter: Thank you Mike

To the Editor,

Sounds of absolute amazement resonated throughout the New Lebanon School as we began our tour of this state of the art building at its open house. 

The large common spaces were filled with visitors admiring the newly opened facility. The school stands as a culmination of the efforts of many, spearheaded by Michael Bocchino. His history of focus, goals and dedication to the Byram community should be recognized as outstanding.

The facility is designed with the needs of today’s students as well as being able to adapt to their future educational focus. The structure is bright and colorful with large windows which welcome the natural surroundings into the spaces. Rooms are spacious and allow for lots of varying work space formations.  Of course, today’s technology is available for all the students.

The building will sustain the pupils of the local community of today as well as long into the future. A very important piece of this end product is the work of Mike Bocchino, Livvy Floren, Scott Frantz, and Fred Camillo. We applaud the efforts of these people once called the Dream Team as they were instrumental in acquiring the state funds that supported the project.

It is important to also remember and appreciate all the efforts made for the community by Mike Bocchino. Mike served with intelligent focus and strong leadership skills as we witnessed at the new New Lebanon School!

Irene Dietrich & Linda Moshier

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