Many Paths to Wellness

Column by Julia Chiappetta

This was the resounding message, from a conference I just returned from in Florida and my belief as well.  When I embarked on my own personal journey with a cancer diagnosis, I learned from my initial and on-going studies that there were many factors that caused radical cells to form a cancerous tumor in my body and that there are even more factors that are essential to achieving healing and repair.  I have come to see that it is never one thing and that there are no magic bullets.  It takes hard work and dedication to get well and so I decided that I had to become the CEO of my own body for success. This mindset energized me and helped me offset any negative thoughts and not give them power.  As CEO I venture into, what I refer to as, my office of Health & Wellness each morning, to map out the day. I begin with my quiet time of prayer and reflection, to set the tone for each day and then on to implementing my plan which consists of:  what I will consume for maximum nutrients to provide an anti-inflammatory & alkaline environment, my organic, clean menu for fuel, putting on my armor to manage the challenges and stress of my work day, plan my time for the gym or fitness outdoors and not to miss out on restful sleep. It may seem like a lot, but this lifestyle change has truly helped me thrive and stay well and requires conscious decisions each day.   

Back to the 13th Annual Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference, hosted by The Annie Appleseed Project. This think tank of esteemed doctors, scientists and practitioners from around the globe was simply one of the best.  The presentations were compelling, comprised of scientific and clinical data blended well with true-life testimonies.  The presenters are all doing worthy work and generously give of their time and expertise.  

There were many path to wellness discussed, dissected and digested by the 300 attendees who were blessed to be able attend this very unique, engaging event.  Once there, you immediately feel part of a community of many hearts and acts of kindness. It is a rare place of deep caring and sharing. Over a three-day period, you are rubbing shoulders with speakers, exhibitors and advocates. There is nothing like this conference. It stands alone in creating a safe, clean environment, with air ionizers throughout, alkaline water machines hooked up in the hotel kitchen for all drinking and cooking, organic produce from local farms, a vegan chef who provides a daily juice bar, an all organic, mostly vegan menu and terrific energy that promotes community.  

In closing, I encourage all of you to promote yourself to CEO and let the learning begin as you seek with all your heart and strength the right path for you.  Go for it with gumption and never look back.  In the end, we are always our own best advocates, so run your office with peace in your heart, faith, courage and a vision for the life you want to live. 

As always, enjoy a nice, organic, tall green juice and be of so good to your body.  It is your gift from God.  I am so happy that the first day of Spring is upon us and was delighted to see the crocuses in bloom on the Post Road this week.  These little gatekeepers beckon the rest of the blooms to start budding and remind us that life is precious and beautiful.  

Julia Chiappetta is the author of “Breast Cancer: The Notebook” (Gemini Media, 2006) and is also the owner of Julia Chiappetta Consulting. She lives in Cos Cob. More information and past columns can be found at

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