Letter: Thank you Livvy Floren

To the Editor:

Thank you Livvy Floren for all you have done for the people of Connecticut.

As ranking member on the General Bonding Subcommittee, Livvy has demonstrated her commitment to fiscal responsibility.  The bipartisan budget that passed in October included a $1.9 billion bonding cap that was proposed by the Bonding Subcommittee.  This had never been done before.  The budget also included a constitutional spending cap, and a volatility cap.  These measures will go a long way in putting Connecticut’s fiscal house in order.

Throughout Livvy’s legislative career, she has consistently fought against tax increases.  After years of mismanagement of the Special Transportation Fund, the Connecticut Democrats wanted to reinstate tolls on our resident commuters to fund the shortfall created by mismanagement.  Livvy, along with the strong Republican opposition blocked the proposal, effectively killing the bill.

Livvy demonstrates honesty, integrity, and the ability to work across party lines which is a welcome quality in Hartford.  Livvy is seeking her 10th term this November as State Representative for district 149 representing Greenwich and Stamford.  We are fortunate to have Livvy Floren as our Representative.

Elisa Esses