Letter: Frantz Crosses All Party Lines

To the Editor,

I have been a Greenwich resident for more than 10 years and I’m a proud member of the Independent Party.

I am so grateful to have Scott representing us and I’m certain I’m not alone in feeling this way, because Scott consistently earns the most votes of any candidate, running for any office, from any party in this district. His support crosses all party lines and I think I know why.

As parents and professionals, we want someone to represent us who can do two things:

One: We want someone who works with people from all parties to make Connecticut a state in which our children want — and will actually able to — build a life; and

Two: We want someone who will set an example of outstanding character and leadership in Hartford. As skilled as Scott is at leading Connecticut to a fiscal comeback, he is so much more than that. Our district trusts Scott and that is important.

We trust him to follow the rules and always to do what’s right,

We trust him to be kind as well as to support and celebrate the good work of others more than his own, and

We trust him to treat those who would be his adversaries with respect.

As a mother with three young children, who are now third generation Greenwich residents, I want someone to represent us who has a proven track record of fighting for us, for our state and for our children’s future. Scott knows that it takes more than promises to affect real change in Hartford. It is why he was able to negotiate the first bi-partisan budget that truly addresses our state’s economic crisis. Because of Scott’s leadership and experience we will now be able to address our transportation funding and make repairs to our infrastructure that will keep us safe and secure as well as help grow our state’s economy. We see families and retirees leaving because of our state’s financial condition. Scott understands how to put our state’s fiscal house in order without raising taxes and burdening our children with even more debt.

I encourage all of you to vote for Scott Frantz as our State Senate candidate so that he may continue to do the job we are sending him to Hartford to do. Our state fiscal crisis is dire. We need someone, like Scott, WITH experience, seniority and independence. Who already knows how to work across party lines and who understands the needs of all his constituents; Independents, as well as Republicans and Democrats, and has the vision and know-how to return our state to a place of opportunity and prosperity.