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Letter: Stefanowski a Sure Fire Way To Get Property Values Up

Under Bob Stefanowski, Just imagine property values going up once his policies start to attract people and companies back to CT! Massachusetts elected a Republican business leader to govern in 2014 and our neighbor has been stealing our people and companies. Charlie Baker’s policies have helped build up a $1.2 Billion surplus in Massachusetts.

There is no reason why Bob Stefanowski can’t do the same thing for Connecticut.

An investment in Bob’s campaign will pay multiples to increase the value of your Connecticut real estate.

A $10,000 redo of a bathroom won’t help sell your house; Bob Stefanowski’s business experience will allow him to create policies that will turn our state around. Our citizens and businesses will stop fleeing our state. Houses will start selling again.

I would bet that you or a close relative own a house in Connecticut. If you haven’t been trying to sell it, you are thinking about it, so what do you do? Put in a new kitchen, a new bathroom, paint the house, put in a new driveway. In other words, you spend A LOT of money, hoping that you might get a return on your investment.

The very sad truth is that nothing will get you a return on your investment or make your house value increase when so many people and companies are leaving the state every single day. Less people, less need to buy houses. Simple supply and demand.

Instead of wasting all this money, a Much better investment in the future of Connecticut is to Max out your contribution to Bob Stefanowski for Governor. The maximum allowed after the primary is $3,500. This investment will give you a tenfold return or more when Bob Stefanowski is elected. And much more over time.

When Bob Stefanowski becomes Governor, he will implement policies designed to stop the outflow of CT residents. People and companies will start moving to Connecticut. And our residents will stop thinking about Florida, Tennessee, or even Massachusetts!

The policies of Charlie Baker, a former businessman who won the Governor race in Massachusetts, have sparked a major turnaround there. Bob Stefanowski will do the same here in Connecticut.

Housing prices will go up. Houses are typically the biggest investment a person ever makes in their lifetime. We already know that Lamont will continue the destructive policies of Dan Malloy. Do you think that Lamont’s plan for tolls, statewide car tax, and further increasing taxes on the residents who are most able to move out of the state will increase property values?

Simple answer, Lamont’s destructive tax, spend and borrow policies will only exacerbate the outflow of people and companies, and your house will continue to plummet in value. The state’s credit rating, already at an historic low, will continue to be downgraded. Taxes will continue to increase and the death spiral will continue.

Please donate as much as possible to Bob Stefanowski’s campaign and have your spouse and your kids do the same.

Doing this will prove to be a MUCH better investment that putting in a new bathroom and hoping for the best. And it is MUCH less expensive and much easier to do. Thank you for your support.

Trey Reynolds

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