Stock Up on Healthy Foods

By Beth Barhydt

The CDC advises that flu will have a resurgence as winter weather warms. In fact, March can often be as bad or worse than January.

Whenever we have a friend or family member that gets sick, or has children in the house that are sick, I prepare a To Go bag of everyday foods that I think help fight almost every kind of illness out there.

Unless you are allergic, none of the foods on the list will hurt you and they can go hand in hand with traditional medical advice from a doctor.

Here’s what you should consider stocking up on:

Fresh Garlic

Fresh Onions


Cayenne Pepper


Sound like the beginning of a pretty good guacamole? You’re not wrong.

Try mashing the avocados with grated raw garlic, diced onions, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Add in your favorite herbs, a little salt and some tomatoes.

Now, make yourself some ginger and honey tea with local honey and you have a pretty good recipe to help you prepare for flu’s return.

Add in a lot of hand washing and Julia’s advice and we can all hope for a healthy, happy March.

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