Wednesday Night Concert Series Presents The Short Bus

The Department of Parks and Recreation announces that The Short Bus will be performing in the Wednesday Night Concert Series. It will take place at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16, with an Aug. 17 rain date.

Established 15 years ago, The Short Bus has earned a reputation as one of Fairfield County’s best cover bands. They recently won Best Cover Band in the Best of the Gold Coast poll – the 10th year the band has done so. The Short Bus consists of singer Mark Zelenz, lead guitarist/vocalist Ernie Albert, drummer Kenny Muller, bassist/vocalist Jordan West and rapper/rhythm guitarist Pete Sullivan. The Short Bus performs mainly at numerous regional events such as country club parties and fundraising benefits. They occasionally perform in the local club circuit as well.

The band’s repertoire ranges from AC/DC and Prince to more current material from Coldplay, Maroon 5 and Eminem a. “I can’t believe they played that!” is often heard when The Short Bus is onstage.

Now is your chance to listen to The Short Bus right in your own backyard in Greenwich. Bring a picnic dinner, a blanket and come join us for some wonderful music under the stars. If it rains the concert will be held on Thursday, Aug. 17. For rain cancellation information call 203-861-6100 after 4 p.m.

Roger Sherman Baldwin Park is located on Arch Street by the Teen Center and Island Beach Ferry Dock.

For more information please call the Recreation Office at 203-618-7649, or visit

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