Letter: Re-Elect Fred Camillo

To the Editor:

I am writing to support state Rep. Fred Camillo to represent the 151th District in the State Assembly. I don’t know anyone who has logged as many miles as Rep. Camillo, walking through our neighborhoods to meet and listen to us and to learn and understand our concerns, even when he was running unopposed!

Rep. Camillo is the House ranking member of the Commerce Committee, he championed the “Kaliko Clause” being inserted into deals where the state is giving millions of dollars to companies to relocate to Connecticut or to retain from leaving our state. This clause would insure that the taxpayers are paid back and even rewarded should the company become very successful. We need to attract more business and jobs to Connecticut, but need to be smart with the incentive packages. Rep. Camillo is one of the people we can rely to make sure these packages are indeed fair, strategic, and make sense for the taxpayers.

Please join me and support state Rep. Fred Camillo with your vote on Nov. 8.

Joseph Romano

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