Bhargava accepts Democratic Nomination for State Representative

Last night, May 18, Mudita “Dita” Bhargava unanimously received the Democratic nomination for state representative of the 151st district of Greenwich.

Jeff Ramer, Chair of the Greenwich DTC, praised Dita. “This district has not sent a Democrat to Hartford in over a century. I am proud that our party nominated such an accomplished candidate who, when elected, will represent so many historic firsts for the district,” Ramer said Wednesday. “Dita is a sterling example of the progress our party represents.”

Dita, the daughter of a single immigrant mother, focused her acceptance speech on ensuring the same kind of access she had to the American Dream for every Connecticut resident, while getting Hartford’s fiscal house back in order.

“I don’t believe that increasing taxes is the necessary solution to solving our fiscal issues. Instead, we need creative ways to address and fix the budgetary problems in Hartford and create a more business and family friendly environment. This will entice our businesses and families to stay and thrive and will also attract new ones to move here. And naturally, the pool of tax income will increase. After spending two decades in the financial sector, I am equipped with the right combination of quantitative and negotiating skills to be a strong and effective voice on policy making and I intend to tackle these issues immediately. Building a healthier fiscal situation will lead to better resources for all of us,” Dita said Wednesday.

Jill Oberlander also expressed strong support for Dita. “Dita is a smart, capable leader who will work tirelessly to effect change in Hartford,” Oberlander said.

“I’ve been one of the only women for most of my career. I often had to work harder than my peers to prove my ability and make myself matter,” Dita concluded. “It is that fighting spirit that I will bring to this race. I plan to run a campaign to win and then bring that same drive to Hartford where I will make Greenwich matter.”

Dita lives in Cos Cob with her husband and two children.

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