Keep Your Pets and Family Safe from Coyotes

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Greenwich residents may have spotted a coyote or two running through their yard in the past. Eastern coyotes have been in the area for over 50 years according to Greenwich Animal Control.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reports that these coyotes resemble German shepherds, but coyotes tend to be more slender with wide, pointed ears, a long, tapered muzzle, and a straight, bushy tail that’s low to the ground.

“They have a very wide range. They have certainly been coming into closer knit areas with more people,” said Greenwich Animal Control Officer Suzanne Carlan.

To keep these animals from harming your family, Greenwich Animal Control Officer Suzanne Carlan says you should keep a close watch on small children and pets in your yard. She recommends that people avoid leaving pet food out overnight and people should always keep dogs on leashes.

“If they are running loose and it’s opportunity. Coyotes are opportunistic, so if they see an opportunity, they will take it,” said Carlan.

Coyotes don’t just hang out in wooded areas, like in Greenwich’s backcountry. The DEEP says coyotes can grow accustomed to buildings and human activity.

“The one thing about wildlife is, they shift with changing environments,” said Carlan.

Carlan suggests clearing downed trees and high grassy areas in your yard so the coyotes don’t have a habitat to make a den. But, if you do come across one of these animals, Carlan says you should yell and scream.

“Feel free to scare them off and haze them so they feel threatened, and then they back off,” said Carlan. “That being said, you never want to corner any wild animal, especially a coyote.”

Carlan says you should only call animal control if the animal looks sick.

“It is common to see them out during the day. They are not 100 percent nocturnal,” said Carlan. “For the most part, they will be out more in the dusk and evening time. But, if they are out during the day, it’s not uncommon.”

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