Letter: O’Neill & Rabin

To the Editor:

As a member of the Board of Education, I cannot stress enough the importance of collaboration among the members. And I urge you to vote for leaders that will be a part of the conversation and make the right choices for our schools and community. To me the choice is clear—re-elect Barbara O’Neill and elect Lauren Rabin.

Under Barbara O’Neill’s leadership the board, with collective input from the community, has adopted a strategic plan to guide our actions around all issues while others are singularly focused in their thinking and have chosen not to participate in board retreats meant to set the direction for the district. Change is made by those who participate.

Barbara has been instrumental in working to improve the governance model of the board and hold the administration accountable. Her knowledge of the district has proven invaluable. She has overseen the development of fiscally responsibly budgets within the BET guidelines. She cares strongly about all stakeholders—students, parents, and taxpayers and strives to make positive change within the confines we operate.

Lauren Rabin is the consummate volunteer—she gives willingly to our community without ever asking for recognition in return. She shows up, she is prepared and is willing to serve all rather than come with preconceived notions.

Her interest in our town is apparent, having ably served on the RTM Finance Committee and the Greenwich Board of Social Services. Prior to that she served in a variety of PTA roles, including co-president of the Greenwich High School PTA, receiving the PTA Council Essence award in recognition for her efforts. She stepped forward to run for the Board of Education out of an interest in serving our students and our community.

Lauren’s 30 years in the high-tech industry would serve her well as we continue to implement our digital learning initiative. Our Board would be well served by her expertise in financial reporting/budgeting, data analysis and strategic/long-range planning.

I look forward to collaborating with Barbara and Lauren to best serve the needs of all of our students so they can reach their highest level of personal achievement.  Please join me in voting to re-elect Barbara O’Neill and electing Lauren Rabin.

Peter D. Bernstein

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