Letter: Support Holiday Lights

To the Editor:

Holiday Lights on Greenwich Avenue — well, not exactly a high priority item for our town budget. But, during the holiday season — which are the shortest and darkest days of the year — tree lights help bring life to an otherwise dark shopping and restaurant district.

Particularly during the holidays, would you rather run from your car to do an errand or do you prefer to stroll and enjoy the cheer of the season? No brainer for most of us. Of course we like to stroll the Avenue after a lovely dinner with tree lights lighting the way. But this is a huge undertaking for a small group of volunteers.

I’m pretty sure we all agree the tradition of tree lights during the holiday season should continue. Volunteers are trying to make lights happen, but fundraising is essential to cover the nearly $100,000 cost.

This project is by and for all of us to enjoy. Can you or an organization you work with help the fundraising challenge?

Visit the website for details and to make a donation: www.lightupgreenwich.org.

Contact: Linda Sigler at Light Up Greenwich. c/o Greenwich Green & Clean, 203-531-0006, linda@greenwichgreenandclean.org.

Thank you for your support. Thursday, Nov. 19, the lights go on at dusk! Be there as Greenwich Avenue lights up.

Joanne Clark

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