Greenwich Police Warn Residents of Fake Utility Worker Thefts

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Police are reporting that an elderly Greenwich resident has been the latest target of a man claiming to work for a local water company.

The elderly Greenwich woman let a male into her house without asking for identification. He is described by police as being about 50 years old with a darker complexion.

“The two went into basement where the suspect then convinced the victim to remind in the basement while he went upstairs. After several minutes, the victim realized something wasn’t right, and went upstairs to find that the bedroom had been ransacked and jewelry stolen,” said Lt. Kraig Gray.

This is the second incident happening in Greenwich within the past few weeks. In the first incident, another elderly woman had hundreds of dollars stolen from her purse when she let a man enter her home who claimed he worked for a local landscaping company. Aquarion Water Company says residents should refuse entrance to anyone without ID especially if no appointment has been scheduled.

In a statement from Aquarion, President Charles V. Firlotte says “Aquarion Water Company employees follow strict protocols when entering customers’ homes and businesses, which include showing the customer an Aquarion photo ID,” said Charles V. Firlotte, Aquarion President and CEO. “We also encourage any customer who is unsure or has concerns to call our Customer Service Department.”

“If a worker cannot produce ID for which the company he works, please contact the GPD immediately and we will come out and investigate,” said Gray.

Aquarius Water Company sent the Sentinel these photos of what a worker should be dress like, and what a work truck looks like. For more information , visit

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