Marine Police Share Safe Boating Tips

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It’s important to keep in mind boat safety as the weather warms. Today at the first
annual Emsway Safety Boating Day The Greenwich Police Marine Division outlined several
things to keep in mind as you head out onto the water. The event took place at Greenwich
Point Park and included a seminar and demonstrations by the Greenwich Police Marine
Division. Chairman of the Shellfish Commission, Roger Bowgen, stressed that as boats change
safety tips must be updated.

“The idea is to raise awareness to young people who are boaters about safety and the handling
of boats. Boats are getting lighter and the engines are getting bigger,” said Roger Bowgen.

Lieutenant John Brown of the Greenwich Police Department Operations Division advises
boaters to remain aware at all times and use common sense when out on the water.

“I think it’s very important for all boaters to follow the rules and regulations set
in place by their state and the community they live. Basically, use common sense out
in the water. Boats are not cars, they react very differently and you need to know
the equipment you’re using. Be prepared before you go out, have a plan and then
follow that plan,” said John Brown.

Boat safety isn’t only the responsibility of the captain.

“Boating safety in general is everybody’s responsibility on the water. This event is
very positive for both the community and the state. We’re here today to try to impart
some of our knowledge from the Police Department for boating safety. And to try to
incorporate that on recreational activities, specifically tubing that’s being done
in the waters here in the state of Connecticut,” said John Brown.

The event will continue to take place on the first weekend in June at Greenwich Point
Park in summers to come.

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